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Object History

Situated in the very heart of Saint-Petersburg the building complex has the greatest history.
At the beginning of the previous century before the revolution a there was a store named U Krasnago Mosta (building #73), that entered into the European retail network of Stefan Esders whose stores were located in Brussels, Rotterdam, Vienna, Berlin and Breslau.

In Saint Petersburg the Shopping Mall was named S. Esders & K. Skheifals because of Karl Skheifals, Stefan Esders nephew, joining to enterprise management in the capital of the Russian Empire.

The Shopping Mall building in Saint Petersburg at Moika river embankment 73, designed in modern with innovation constructive decision, was built in 1905-1907 by the project of architectures K.N. de Rochefort and V.A. Lipsky. It was one of the greatest trade buildings of Europe and Saint Petersburg in early XX centuries.

The store proposed to its visitors wide range of european clothes, shoes, fancies and other goods of the highest quality. The ensemble of buildings 75-79 is an edused object of cultural heritage and represented by Veltsin’s Recidentional House (by architector A. Ch. Kolb, bld. 75), A. Tur’s House (by architectors P.P. Zhako and E.A. Tur, bld. 77), F. Podzhelis (by architectors A.Cavos , bld. 79). They were built up at different times (end of XVIII —beginning of XX centuries) and were commercial.

Today these areas will find olden functionality: there will be located trade store, A class offices of leading Russian and international companies, restaurants with excellent views and apartments.